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Dream On Me 3 in 1 Aden Mini Crib Reviews

I am primarily reviewing this crib for the simple reason that my best friend received this crib as a gift from her parents on the birth of her first child, and I have been hearing all about it ever since. I will not refrain from saying that the Dream On Me Aden Convertible 3 in 1 Mini crib is a beauty and if you live in a small apartment, you are simply going to love this piece. The convertible feature of the crib promises to nurture your child from infancy to adulthood.



Dream On Me 3 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib

Dream On Me Aden Convertible 3 in 1 Mini crib has a solid frame and a stationary rail design. The design of the crib is such that it ensures maximum product safety. Since the crib is of convertible type, the crib can be easily converted to three arrangements namely, toddler bed, daybed and twin size bed. The adjustable mattress support system of the crib ensures maximum comfort to you and safety to the child.

This crib is available in a number of finishes from the stylish lead free finish to the non-toxic finish version. The mattress required for the crib is portable and of the dimensions 38 x 24 inches. The product is made from sustainable wood.

The dimensions of the crib are 39 x 23 x 36 inches and weighs close to 28 pounds. It can be used to hold a maximum weight of 25 Pounds. The bedding and mattress for the crib is not included in the product package. Therefore, you shall be required to buy them separately.

Strengths of the Product

Dream On Me Aden Convertible 3 in 1 Mini crib is a dynamite. It is small and power packed with features. The reduced size of the crib is by no means a parameter to say that the functionality has also reduced. Features of the product include –

Four-in-One Arrangement

Dream On Me 3 in 1 Aden Mini CribThe crib can be easily converted to a toddler bed, daybed or a twin size bed. However, the bed frame and mattress for the twin bed are not included in the product package.

Sturdy and Strong

Dream On Me Aden Convertible 3 in 1 Mini crib is a sturdy crib made out of solid wood and is designed to look beautiful and be functional. the wood is solid, but not heavy, light colored and there are no cliché chemical off-gassing smells to experience. The construction of the product is extremely sturdy and strong. The product is available in a non-toxic finish, which makes the product eco-friendly and safe for the child.

Easy on your Baby and You

The crib is provided with 3-level mattress support system. Therefore, you, as the user, have the option to choose the best position depending upon your baby’s height and you own height. If you are tall, you may consider keeping the level high, so you don’t have to bend too much to lift and hold the baby.

Easy to Assemble

You are required to assemble the product. However, all the tools required for the process are included with the product. You simply have to follow the instructions. If you make educated guesses, identifying the parts and assembling them together should not be a task for you. However, if this is not your forte, you can also use the instructions for help. One thing that I have to mention, on the special request of my friend, is the packaging of bolts. The packaging is so flawless that you will not face any trouble in identifying which the bolts.

Additional Features

Dream On Me 3 in 1 Aden Crib NaturalDream On Me 3 in 1 Aden Crib White

Besides the above mentioned features, the crib also possesses a few additional features, which makes it all the more appealing.

These features include:

The sides of the crib are fixed. This makes the crib extremely stable.
The crib is available in a number of finishes (5 colors: natural, white – shown above and black, cherry, espresso – please, visit the link for more info), and you can choose the one that suits your taste and décor style of your house.

Reviews by Other People

I have read a number of print and online reviews about the product. I thought sharing a few of those could be of help to you. There are –

“Dream on me mini crib is just the perfect crib for us because it fits into our space without having to compromise on functionality or features.”
“The parts of the crib are excellent quality, easy to assemble and hold up well on use.”
“Overall, good product! It seamlessly fits into small spaces and full points on convenience.”

Where to Purchase

Dream On Me Aden Convertible 3 in 1 Mini crib is easily available at the Amazon website at a discounted price. The website does not charge any amount for shipping. Click here to check it out.

Final Verdict

Dream On Me Aden Convertible 3 in 1 Mini crib is a perfect choice if you wish to keep the crib in your apartment’s bedroom. You just need the Allen wrench to put the pieces together, and you should be good to go. The wood is solid yet soft. The structure takes around 2 x 3 inches of floor space. My friend told me that she assembled it with her husband and it took her around one hour to assemble it.

I really like the spring bottom. It is one of the best that I have seen in a while. The bottom is attached to the wooden frame using a metal arm. You may find this a little weird to start with, but these arms give the crib balance and steadiness. The finish of the product is really good. Overall, I feel it is a perfect buy if you are short on space. Click here to buy this crib right now!

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D-I-Y Toddler Beds and Beddings

Did you know you can make your own toddler travel bed and beddings that fit the theme that you want to. You can make new toddler beds from scratch and choose to remake one that is old and worn out with much success.

D-I-Y Toddler beds

Homemade beds brings a sense of love and usefulness to children and the bond between them and their parents is made stronger by the work they have seen their parents do. They tend to love hard work and creativity and giving them an opportunity to get their hands dirty. They are excited when asked to help pass the nail or the hammer or the saw and feel privileged to be involved.
D-I-Y Toddler Beds and Beddings
Homemade beds can be made to fit the size of the baby’s room with other features put into considerations. For example, if you have a small child room, it is advisable to build a bed that has storage spaces attached to the bed. You can make spacious drawers that will allow enough space to store all the baby stuff. This leaves the small room neat and well arranged with everything locked in safely.

They also allow you to paint the colors of your choice to match your child’s room selection. It brings a sense of ownership and contentment to see the ability to harmonize everything in your home. Later when you want to change to a different color shade, it can easily be done without feeling strained or pushed out of your comfort zone.

D-I-Y Toddler beddings

You can easily make your child’s beddings from the comfort of your home. This allows you to pick the fabric of your choice and design it into the exact piece that you want for your child’s bed.

You can make your own duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases etc. In today’s green lifestyle, it is easy to make organic beddings for your child to ensure they have the best comfort you want them to have.

You can personally sow using your sowing machine or purchase fabric and ask a professional tailor to put it together as you want it to appear. You can also mix colors to match your preference and that of your little one.

Parents who have girls should actually think about this option as it gives them more room to creatively design beddings with beautiful colors and designs for little girls who love them.

D-I-Y beddings gives one an opportunity to make more beddings affordably to reserve some for changing. With big families and some skills it is easy to have extra bedding for children when the need arises. Even with smaller families, one get to have extra beddings for your guests.

It is not restricted only to children beddings but one can make the whole family beddings using the same concept.

Why Homemade?

a. It is very affordable – a big fabric goes a long way in making the beddings for a toddler bed.
b. It allows you to choose what you want – it’s not every time you will find what you want in the market, there are times you will be forced to compromise, instead of compromising make your own.
c. It allows you to be creative – making your own beddings doesn’t have to be done only by professionals, if you like to think outside the box and try out different things, this is an exercise you wouldn’t want to miss. It helps you think creatively and do your research, you surely will love the results!
d. It allows you to experiment with different colors – with the expensive readymade bedding in the market today, no matter how much you love them it’s hard to buy a few different colors to experiment with. Not all of us are professionals with choosing the best colors for our children rooms and some of us have to experiment to see if it works. With homemade beddings, you can experiment with many colors until you are satisfied because it is affordable to do so.

Homemade has evolved for a very long time and has never been a disappointment. Most people shy away from it because it requires hard work to put it together into what exactly you need but it is worth the effort. Homemade stuff can be used for a very long period of time because it is made from durable materials that one can personally select.

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